Kerrara Again

We told ourselves we weren't going anywhere today. Just laze around Oban, taking it easy.

That idea got shot down right away; the Ancient Ones were out in force and it was depressing as hell just watching them go by. Anyway it was too nice a day to sit around town. We said OK, OK, and grabbed a cab down to the Kerrara ferry landing.

When we got across to the island, though, we had a divergence of views. I wanted to just find a comfortable spot and sit and watch boats and birds and whatever. Phyllis, however, had found out that there was an old abandoned castle down at the south end of the island, and nothing would do but that we go and see it. So I said shit a few times and off we went.

The going was pretty easy at first. The road wound along by the shoreline, past sheep grazing in narrow pastures and picturesque little coves. Then, though, it started to climb in earnest and so, with much complaining, did we.

It wound and squirmed over the crest of a big high hill and then dropped down into a large and beautiful glen. I would have enjoyed the view more if my feet hadn't hurt so bad.

At last we came out in view of Gylen Castle. Not an important structure, or a particularly old one - built around 1500 I think - but the setting is undeniably spectacular if not a trifle melodramatic. We didn't try to climb up to it; we'd already learned that it was not open to visitors.

Instead we sat for a time on the rocks down by the shore, watching the waves breaking and the birds hopping and pecking among the rocks, before finally getting up and starting the long hike back the way we'd come.


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