A traveler has a right to relate and embellish his adventures as he pleases, and it is very impolite to refuse that deference and applause they deserve.
- Baron Munchausen

The way is dark, the night is long,
I don't care if I never get home,
I'm waiting at the end of the road.
- Jerry Lee Lewis


The links below will take you (should you be so bold as to click them) to accounts of some of my journeys, illustrated with photographs.

Repeating, with emphasis: illustrated with photographs. What we technical types call "graphics-intensive."

And you do know what that means, don't you? Right. The pages are going to take some time to load. So get comfortable, get yourself something to drink, and be prepared to be patient.

(Now and then a page may fail to display all the photos. Just hit Refresh or Reload or whatever your browser calls it, and you'll probably get them the second time around.)

If all that is a really big problem for you, maybe you shouldn't proceed. If you do, don't bitch at me about it.

EUROPE Y2K: The Road to Euro, or, How I Spent My Midlife Crisis

LONDON IN NOVEMBER: Phyllis's Excellent London Adventure

EUROPE 2001: Journey In Interesting Times

EUROPE 2002: Germany And Other Cold Wet Places

UK 2003: London And Points North

SCOTLAND AGAIN: We Couldn't Stay Away

NETHERLANDS 2005: In Which We Find Ourselves In Dutch And Enjoying It


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