Motorcycles have been an important part of my life - at least as much of it as was possible, though there were a lot of years when I didn't have one because I couldn't afford it. (And for much of that time I got around on a bicycle; things with more than two wheels just don't agree with me.) I've never even owned a car or had any serious desire for one.

The following pages are a partial record of the bikes I've owned and some of the journeys we've taken. Partial because the record is by now incomplete - a lot of photos got lost over the years, and the memories are getting fuzzy at the edges - and then too I didn't take pictures on every trip, nor was every trip interesting enough to write about.

Some of the photos are not very good. The images have been scanned off old photo prints, some of them pretty poor; and on the early trips I didn't have a very good camera. I reproduce them here for whatever interest the content may have; certainly not as examples of fine photographic art.

As with the other travel pages, these are mostly pretty graphics-intensive, which is geek talk for saying they've got a lot of pictures. People with dialup connections will have to be patient while they load, and may have to reload the page a time or two to get them all to show up.

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Note: The following links are listed two ways, because I assume there are people who are interested in the bikes but not in the trips, and others who are interested in the travel pages but don't necessarily care about the details of the bikes. For those who want to read about both, each bike page also includes links to the pages describing the journeys taken on that particular bike, so you can go there directly without having to come back here.


Honda Magna: My current ride

Suzuki GT380: '83-'85

Kawasaki Kz400: '85

Honda 750K: '85-87

Suzuki GS1000G: '87-'07

The Others

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The Long Way Home: Across The Country And Back On A Suzuki Two-Stroke (1983)

The Last Run: Final Trip With An Old Friend (1985)

North By Northeast: Sometimes You Go With What You've Got (1985)

Mexican Quickie: Another Bike, Another Country (1985)

Sun And Wind: Back To The Southwest (1986)

Northern Journey: A Short Visit To Gordon Lightfoot Country (1986)

South Of The Border Again: Down Into Tropical Mexico (1987)

Two For The Road: Once More Southwest, This Time With Company (1988)

Up In The UP: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time (1989)

Back East: Southeast For A Change (1990)

France: Riding Through Van Gogh Country (2000)
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Arkansas: Hanging With Friends In The Ozarks (2008)

High Plains Drift: Texas Interlude (2008)

Westward Yet Again: New Mexico Revisited (2008)

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