Phyllis by this time had fallen in love with Belgium, and the train ride to Luxembourg does go through some of the finest scenery in the country; I told her a bit about the Ardennes and the history of the region.

And at first she was quite taken with Luxembourg Ville, particularly the spectacular views from the bridges and along the gorge. The sun was out, at least; but the wind was really vicious. Even the tiny flowers growing on the old walls looked cold.

I took almost no photos in Luxembourg this time; I couldn't see any point in adding to the ones I'd already taken, a couple of years back, under better conditions and with a better camera. (HERE, if you haven't seen them already.) Anyway, we didn't do as much wandering around as I'd intended. My throat was raw and painful and the wind was getting to me.

Phyllis was less impressed with other aspects of Luxembourg Ville. We were staying at my old hotel (in fact we got my old room) and the place had deteriorated a bit; and the scene along the Rue Strasbourg does tend to be a bit on the shabby side. The whores and the strippers from the clip joints up the street were parading up and downin their tighter-than-skin pants and all in all it wasn't very prepossessing.

Next day was May Day. I had picked Luxembourg as probably the safest city in Europe for that day; and sure enough, while there were riots in various other places, in Luxembourg Ville everybody commemorated May Day simply by not going to work. The town shut down so thoroughly we wound up eating stale sandwiches for dinner because nothing was open. I didn't really care; I was feeling too bad to go out.

Wednesday morning we went down to the nearby laundromat for another bummer: washing and drying one smallish washer load cost TEN BUCKS (OK, ten Euros, practically the same) and the dryer managed to ruin some of Phyllis's underwear. By the time we got on the train for Germany she was thoroughly disgusted with Luxembourg and it was hard to blame her; I didn't feel as harshly toward the place, but then I already had considerably happier memories from an earlier time. (At that, though, I don't think I would ever have gone back to the place on my own.)